On June 27th 2020, Mazo whelped 7 healthy, pink, and twitchy puppies under Tim’s watchful eye!  It was a breeze for her and she had a smile on her face the entire time.  Mazo has 7 puppies; all liver and white.  There are 4 females and 3 males.  They all look like their dad; Blaine, LOTS OF WHITE!


Sire: AFC Breaking Cattails You Can Come Home, “Blaine”
Dam: Harvest Hunters Mazomanie, “Mazo”



Meet Mazo’s Litter HERE



The “Team” is excited for warm weather to finally get to Minnesota!  Rumble, Giga, and Mino are enjoying the beautiful sunny days; with the changing of the seasons will bring Major Tim Gorecki home soon to Starbuck from his deployment from the Middle East.  Katie is excited to have The Major Home! 

Congratulations Trigger and Katie


AFC FC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger, “Trigger” and Katie won the Kansas Fall 2018 Field Trial in Pretty Prairie, Kansas; Judges: Ray Jack and Tom Menzel.  Congratulations you two; you make a great team!
Photo credit: Patrica Bramwell.

Congratulations to Trigger and Rumble!


Congratulations to Trigger and Rumble!
Katie ran Trigger in the Colorado 2018 field trial and won; she also ran Rumble in the Nebraska 2018 field trial and won!
Trigger and Rumble are out of the same sire: FC Expressways My Buddy Luke MH; GOOD GENETICS!


What a Spring Season!

Katie and her crew had a great Spring Season!  
FC Rock Rivers Raymonds Rumble, “Rumble” 3rd Missouri and 4th Colorado
FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger, “Trigger” 1st Kansas
Harvest Hunters SoBe’s Tiny Mino, “Mino” 3rd Kansas and 4th Northern Minnesota
Congratulations Katie, Rumble,Trigger, and Mino on a great Spring!

Congratulations Trigger and Katie!

FC AFC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger “Trigger, ” finished and earned a Certificate of Merit at the 2017 National Amateur Championships in Logan, Utah on November 29th- December 3rd, 2017. Trigger was handled by Katie!
Congratulations Trigger and Katie!!

Congratulations Mino!

Harvest Hunters SoBe’s Tiny Mino; call name “Mino,” had a great fall season! Katie ran her in the puppy stakes; Mino ran in 5 puppy stakes and placed 5 different times! Congratulations Katie and Mino!
Sire:  AFC FC Whisky Rivers Itchy Trigger Finger
Dam: Doorcreek’s SoBe Energizer

Congratulations to FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones!

Indy with Ribbons 2011 crop
Congratulations to FC AFC Harvest Hunters Indiana Jones and Owner Kat Brusko for placing 3rd at the 2014 National Amateur Championships in Pickneyville, Illinois. Kat and Indy also earned the Gunners award as well. Not only did Indy place 3rd at the National Amateur Championship but also earned a Certificate of Merit at the 2014 National Open Championship where he was handled by Gary Breitbarth. Congratulations on a FABULOUS 2014 season!  Indy is out of Doorcreek Chance’s Mini Me and NAFC FC AFC Upcountry Lighthouse Amos

Congratulations to Katie on being published in the NRA magazine Insight!