If you have any testaments you would like to share please feel free to email them to me and I will post them on the website!

Katie, I have to call you and tell you what a little hunting machine Fletcher has become.  Thanks for a great dog. He is also a little lover and loves to cuddle.

~ Joe

Jake is doing wonderful, he is over 50 pounds and is all muscle. He is a big baby, just loves the kids and is very protective. This is the most intelligent dog I have ever owned. Best of all he is an excellent hunter.

~ The Schovanec’s

Thank you for the awesome puppy! Jigs (Boone) is more than we expected when we got him. He fits in very well with both of us. Jigs is doing great with hunting. Everyone is amazed at how well he does for being such a young dog. Just wanted to keep in touch and let you know we are very, very, happy with Jigs!

~ Justin and Jane

Dear Katie, just a note to let you know how the year is going with Madison. She is so sweet. She is a smart hunter and is doing well with her work. She is a great addition to our family. Thanks again for such a great dog!

~ Sue and Ed

Stache is smart and very handsome. Lon thinks he’ll be his best hunting dog yet.

~ Denise and Lon

Tim and Katie, we feel that getting Junior was our best decision we’ve made in a long time. He’s made us so happy. Our vet says he looks very healthy and is pleased on how he’s growing and just loves him and his personality.

~ The Sirbasku’s (purchased another Trixie puppy)

Dear Katie, just wanted to drop a line that Maggie or “Black Pearl” is doing super. Potty training is going very well and recently got her trained to hit a bell to let us know when she wants out! The kids, Greg, and I just love her. Such a great dog.

~ Lori

My niece Kerry and I think you do a great job with your puppies. We will definitely keep you in mind when we are looking for a new puppy.

~ The Domine’s

Katie, I think what you are doing in your breeding and puppy handling methods are wonderful. Our dog is a clear indicator that you genuinely care about upholding the strong integrity and character of the English Springer breed. The hands-on care and attention that you give each of your puppies is definitely reflected in our dog. She will be a cherished member of our family and a great hunting companion for years to come. Thank you for all of your dedication and hard work! Put that testimonial in your website, because I mean it!

~ Patti

Hello Katie, I wanted to take the time and tell you how extremely happy we are with our newest ESS tri-color male. We picked our puppy out at the Game Fair last fall. I have raised and hunted springers since 1973. This is my 7th springer and I hunt in some very hard conditions in western ND. I decided to take “Gunner” with me on my last two hunts in December and January with the temps below zero.  The new pup (under 6 months) had a ball running around and getting the “feel” for hunting.  The second trip out in January proved to very exciting for me and the pup. He flushed birds and even retrieved a couple that were downed. I was familiar with the bloodlines (Bridgewater Clyde) before purchasing Gunner. The family time you provided for the pups before picking him up I feel was very instrumental in his ease of house training and now moving to gun dog training. He is a very fun dog to have around and provides many many hours of enjoyment to me and my family and our 7 year springer. I have been around springers for over 35 years and the breeding and care taken now by professional breeders such as yourself has made the breed much stronger and more desirable to have around both as hunters and part of the family unit. Thank you for the great dog!

~ Kevin

I must tell you that after all of the Springers Brent has owned over the years, he is head over heels about this one! And he’s so excited about making sure she has the best training ever! (And not to repeat some mistakes he’s made in the past with his puppies.) You can take pride in the fact that the passion you have for what you do is so contagious that people can’t help but be enthusiastic with you!

~ Brent and Kristie

He is gorgeous. I can say that to his original or birth mom. He weighs 42 lbs. and stands 24” high at his back (not shoulders). He is 37” along his back from his top knot to the start of his tail. He is totally fun (as long as I make discipline fun.) He doesn’t have a mean bone in his body. He likes being a house dog, but now that the weather is improved, he’s out in his yard with me all day, very happily. My plants aren’t as happy, yet thankfully they are perennials and Riley will learn about gardens. I’m putting in a pond this year and I’m certain he’ll love it. He loves the lake and boat. He has captured all our hearts and we’re so glad to have him. Hope you are all well and happy.”

~ Becky

Thank you very much for helping us with Pickles. You have helped us more than you can ever understand. She is behaving very well and we have been working on our ‘mean voices!’ We promise that we will follow through with the things that you have trained us to do. Pickles is a great addition to our lives and we thank you for providing that for us. Let us know if there is any way that we can help you in return. Please stop by and visit whenever you are in the area.”

~ Chris and Megan

Monte is doing very well, same old, same old, play, eat, sleep, play & play some more! Please keep me up to date if Trixie were to have another litter!!  Monte will need a sister soon.

~ Patti (ended up buying another pup from Trixie)

Hi Katie, sorry it’s been so long! I just wanted to send you a couple of pictures of Ellie (formerly Willow and Pink Lady). We tried the name Willow for about a day and a half, it just didn’t flow! She’s doing wonderful! She’s such a sweet little dog and we just adore her! Sophie has gotten used to her and they’re great pals.  Ellie’s pretty funny, she’s never once whined in her life so to get our attention, she comes and swats us in the face.  Honestly, she’s one of the best dogs ever!  She’s so sweet and when she’s tired (doesn’t happen often!) she just wants to be cuddled.  I’ve attached a picture for you to see.  I’ll try to send pictures periodically!  Hope all is well!

~ Jamie

Hi Katie and Tim, Happy New Year! — and hopefully now it will be warmer. I know your area has been as cold or colder than here. We had -32 yesterday morning. Diesel is now 28 pounds. We enjoy him more everyday. Anyone we hunted with was impressed by his instincts. We plan to start whistle training when the weather warms up.

~ Jay

Hi, Here are the spoils of our New Year’s Day hunt. I never expected the fantastic performance as a hunter out of a puppy I bought from you last March. This makes a total of 55 birds for the season. Two of these were very difficult retrieves in the deep snow where there were many other birds running and flushing. Dexter (aka Gin Tonic) was up to the task, found both downed birds and brought them back to me. I love hunting with him and truly enjoy him as a faithful companion. I could not have asked more out of the puppy I got. The season is two days from over and I can hardly wait to see how much better he is next fall. Thanks again for a great dog.

~ Joe

Hi, I hope everyone who purchased a puppy feels the same was as I do. In my opinion, we purchased the best puppy. Diesel is smart and so enjoyable. Mark and I have taken Diesel out with us every time we have gone hunting. During October, only Mark and I hunted and Diesel stayed in his kennel in the truck. Then I would walk him in the field, having him get used to the tall grasses and just smelling and learning the areas. A few weeks ago Mark and I began having Diesel walk with us. I was impressed by how well he worked the area between us and kept going back and forth. He was good at flushing birds this way. Mark shot a couple of roosters this way. Yesterday the guy we usually hunt with suggested having Diesel walk along with us and his black Lab. He was so impressed by Diesel. Diesel would get birdie and also flush birds and once we saw him go on point. Today Diesel and Pete (the other dog) were following a rooster through the grass. The bird flushed and Mark shot it, but only wounded it and it took off running. Both dogs in pursuit. Pete, the bigger dog stayed on top of the grass ridges where Diesel was able to go under the grass piles. The result? A nice big rooster for the game bag! He does tend to run after the hens. We are hoping the whistle will help with that. He is a loving puppy. He curls up in Mark’s bed at night, I kennel him when I go to bed, and then if he wakes early, and I let him out of the kennel, he’ll jump back up in Mark’s bed. My alarm is a soft beep. If Diesel is in Mark’s bed and hears my alarm, he comes running to our bed for a “wake up snuggle.” He and I usually take our morning walk about 5:45. Usually about a mile or a mile and a half. He must have a huge bladder – no accidents for along time – and when he needs to go out he’ll scratch at the patio door. I have photos from today’s hunt. I’ll plan to send one tomorrow. Mark hopes to begin the whistle training this week. Any special words of advice for that? Hoping that you had a great Thanksgiving.

Like I wrote in the beginning – I hope every one’s experience is as positive as ours. He is a great puppy! In my opinion, we did get the pick of the litter.

~ Jay

Mason is doing great!  He is an awesome hunter and perfect family pet.

~ Susan

Hi Katie and Tim, we wanted to let you know that we love Cali and are really enjoying her. The boys are crazy about her and the feeling seems to be mutual 🙂 She has met many of our friends and neighbors dogs and puppies and gets along with everyone. Cali is very busy and curious and enjoy chewing all her new toys. She is sleeping through the night and not going the bathroom in her kennel. It has been 7 days since her last “accident” (operator error) and she’s going to the front door when she needs to go outside. What a smart little girl. She is an amazing eater of her food and any other dead animal she can find. Dried up worms seem to be a favorite! Cali loves to go for walks around the neighborhood and everyone keeps telling us how adorable she is… don’t we know it! She is getting many hugs and snuggles from the whole family and Hunter loves to haul her around in his arms. Hunter broken his arm the first week of school, they look so cute as Hunter carries her everywhere with his arm in his brace. She is very content to do whatever the boys want her too and they like being in charge. Tyler spends hours snuggling her each evening and she usually falls asleep in his arms. Parker and his friends enjoy playing with her outside after school and of course, she follows me all day. Greg and Cali are bonding in the morning for a walk and potty time.  Thank you for a great puppy. Take care,

~ Belting Family

Hi Katie and Tim, just thought I would send you a quick email about Rae. She is doing great!!  At this moment she is beating up Jack. She is eating well and sleeping pretty good. She does not like her kennel at all. We only put her in there when no one is home, plus I turn the radio on for her. At night she sleeps in our room on her new bed most of the night. Sometimes she wants up on the bed so we bring her up but she doesn’t stay there very long, I think it is to hot for her. Potty training is going well, only about 5 accidents so far, she is now going to the door and whining to be let out.  She is very smart and very happy. We just love her! Thanks for letting us purchase her.  She has been so much fun so far.

~ Julie

Hey Katie, how are things going? Indy Mae is doing great, she is exactly the kinda of dog we were looking for. She is independent for the most part but when she needs to nap she will be right at your feet waiting to jump in our laps. Every night when Matt gets home from work she runs down the stairs and leaps onto Matt’s lap to greet him; they have such a bond. She is now going to puppy class once a week and did very well the first class. Matt has been working with her every night, she is so smart.  We can’t wait ’til the show in August so you can see her. Take care, talk to you soon.

~ Lynn

Hi Katie! It was Jack’s first birthday yesterday.  Stephanie made him a special hat.  He has been a lot of fun and a good dog.  He loves to fetch all of the time.  Denny can’t wait to get him back out in the field for more hunting.  He has a lot of natural ability. I’m sure you will be working hard for spring field trials.  We will probably see you at the Game Fair again this year.

~ Denny

Hi Katie! Recently you sent out a mailer announcing your latest litters.  It prompted me to drop you an update on our “puppy”. 5-6 years ago you sold one of Trixie/Tyrael’s puppies to my parents, Norm and Becky.  I believe that you had called him “Stripe” as he has a small white stripe down in the middle of his liver forehead.  He is one of the best dogs that my parents have ever owned and by far the most beautiful.  My dad gets stopped regularly on walks by people commenting on what a beautiful dog he is.  Riley is and was always meant to be a house dog.  He loves to run and he is ruled by his nose.  We often take him to the local soccer fields and just let him run.  While not a hunter, his intelligence is obvious and he loves to play.  We never worked with him on retrieving but he is all about playing with both people and other dogs.  He has never once snapped and I am confident that he never would.  My Dad has often mentioned that a dog with his natural instincts, his nose and his pedigree is wasted on us.  Regardless, he is well loved.  Our lives are better because he is apart of our days. Despite my having been long out of college when he arrived, I will frequently stop by and play with him. After Christmas, my sister headed off to college.  I’m not sure who misses who more – Kaity or Riley.  They are both a bit lost without each other. Sadly, no pictures, but I wanted to make sure that you knew that my folks have a wonderful dog and if I had the time for a dog of my own – it would be one of yours.

~ Lisa

Hi Katie and Tim!!  It’s been almost 2 months since we last saw you.  We’re really enjoying our pup!!  He sure gets a lot of compliments on how CUTE he is.  He’s now almost 20 lbs. and very long legged and quite thin.  How old are they when they stop growing?  Just curious. We’re having a real good time with him.  Tom loves it when he lays on his back with all 4 legs in the air.  Sounds like he takes after his mom from your blog the other day.  He loves car rides and walks and tormenting our older dog.  Boy, he sure thinks he’s big stuff… he’s constantly in our Lab’s face and growling and jumping up on his face.  He’s a character!!  And aren’t the power surges funny?  He is sooooo  fast!!!  WOW!!!

~ Debra