David Ralph Gorecki D.D.S.

Wreath and headstone1


March 25, 1953 – September 10, 2001


What can be said about my late father-in-law.  I can say that he was an avid hunter, fisherman, golfer, dentist,  and a wonderful loving  father to his four boys who, where too young when he was tragically taken from this earth.  He died on my husbands 21st birthday (Even though he did die that day, it will always remain the day Tim was born and not the day Dave died.)  There is not a day that goes by when I don’t think about how different Tim and my lives would be if he was still here.  He would of danced with me at our wedding (Tim and mine)… and had a great time at it.  I know he watched from above.  He loved to tease.  He was the glue that held the family together, at least in my eyes.  I know that his father, brother and sisters miss him deeply… family functions are not the same without his cheerful disposition and jovial ways.  Life feels at little empty on that side of the family… I grieve for the loss of the relationship he and I could of had; I miss him deeply.  Every time I make the long walk out to the line at a field trial I ask him to help me through it, and that he would please be proud of me.  Say a little prayer.  No one can replace a parent.

               Dave and Tim Conformation Spicer Dave and Tim goofing around on couch