Katie and Tim 2003
I purchased my first Springer when I was eighteen years old my freshman summer in college. I ended up sneaking her around for six weeks while I was living in the dorms until I closed on my house. I had no idea that everyone on campus knew I had her; it was relayed back to residential life that I had a puppy with me all summer in the dorms. I received a large fine (more than the cost of the dog)!

A Professional dog trainer once told me that Springers are addicting and you can not just have one. Now, many years later and a few dogs more I am field trialing and breeding. With the ongoing support of my husband, Tim, I can not imagine doing anything else. I LOVE to breed, train, trial, and hunt these wonderfully animated dogs. There is no more satisfying feeling in the world when your dog brings back its first shot bird. I have benefited from the knowledge of many veteran dog trainers and field trialers that have made my field trialing and training experiences wonderful! 

I grew up with Springers in my family. My parents first “child” was an English Springer Spaniel named Sandy, in fact, one of my first baby pictures was taken with her. I have been breeding for years now and I love every moment of it. Springer puppies are the most precious creatures in the world; I am so glad that I get to be there when they come into the world and go to new families. I am all about promoting the breed to anyone who wants a great hunting / trialing / family dog. I know that I can provide puppies to anyone who is looking for a great English Springer Spaniel!

Baby Katie and Sandy

Our Family Portrait