Blue River I’m Dan’s Boy, “Odie”
Sire: 2005 NFC FC BJ’s Dan of Danville
Dam: Nena of Linden
PFK: Clear
CERF: Clear
OFA: Good
PRA: Clear
Odie is a wonderful, happy, hard charging dog with an incredible amount of talent.  He is a strong retriever with a great ability to trail out running birds.  He covers the field with flash and grace; he has long gorgeous strides and is  able to successfully run any wind pattern.  In his puppy stakes career he accumulated 31 points  (he already has a wall dedicated to his achievements) and is now running in the all age amateur stakes where he is working towards an Amateur Field Trial title.  Not only is Odie a magnificent dog in the field; he is a cuddle bug in the house.  He can be found lounging on the couch or chair with anyone who will have him.  His smile says it all!

Odie launching into lake Odie Summer 2009