Chocolate Martini

Male: Liver and White
Ingredients: 2 1/2 oz Vanilla vodka (Stoli), 1/2 oz Chocolate liqueur (Godiva)
Mixing Instructions: Combine ingredients in cocktail shaker with ice. Shake well and strain into chilled martini glass.

Orange Bomb

Male: Liver and White
Ingredients: 1 oz Mandarine Napoleon, 1/2 oz Truffles Chocolate liqueur, 1/2 oz Bailey’s Irish Cream,
1/2 oz Half-and-half
Mixing Instructions: Shake. Garnish with chocolate sprinkles.

Bavarian Alps

Male: Liver and White
Ingredients: 2 oz Blackberry Schnapps (Black Haus), 1 oz Chocolate liqueur, 1 oz Milk
Mixing Instructions: Shake together all ingrediants and serve in a frosted glass.

Tainted Heart

Female: Liver and White
Ingredients: 1/2 shot Aftershock, 1/2 shot Chocolate Liqueur
Mixing Instructions: Fill shot glasses half full with Aftershock. Tip glass to the side and slowly pour chocolate liqueur down the side. This is a layered shot.

Belgian Brownie

Female: Liver and White
Ingredients: 1 oz Genever or Gin, 1/2 oz Cognac or Brandy, 1 oz Chocolate Liqueur,
fill with Heavy Cream, Ice cubes
Mixing Instructions: Pour the gin, cognac and chocolate liqueur over the ice cubes. Fill with heavy cream. Stir gently.


Female: Liver and White
Ingredients: 2oz Sherry or Oporto, 1 oz Chocolate Liqueur, 1 oz Cognac or Brandy, 2 – 3 tblsp Powdered Sugar, 1 Egg yolk
Mixing Instructions: Put all the ingredients in a cocktail shaker with ice and shake it well. Serve in a red wine glass and add in the top a bit of powdered cinnamon.

La Cafe

Female: Liver and White
Ingredients: 3/4 oz Coffee Vodka (Stolichnya), 3/4 oz Royale Chocolate Liqueur (Marie Brizard),
3/4 oz Half-and-Half, 1/4 oz Sugar syrup
Mixing Instructions: Blend. Garnish with shaved chocolate.