Limoncillo Limoncillo Face Limocillo 090

Female: Liver and White

Ingredients: 3/4 gal fresh Water, 2 cases lemon Crystal light, 1 L White rum

Mixing instructions: Get a empty gallon container. Then put in the 3/4 gallons of water. Put the two cases of cristal light and add the rum. Mix and start partying!!!

Perfect Kiss

Perfect Kiss Perfect Kiss Face Perfect Kiss 096

Female: Liver and White

Ingredients: Crushed Ice, 2 cl White rum (Bacardi), 2 cl Peach schnapps (Peachtree), Sprite, Strawberries

Mixing instructions: Put the crushed ice in the glass. Add spirits and top with Sprite. Gently place one half strawberry underneath the layer of crushed ice. Serve.

Sammy Special

Sammy Special Sammy Special Face Sammy Special 104

Female: Liver and White

Ingredients: 1 oz Malibu rum, 1 oz White rum, to taste Pineapple juice, to taste Orange juice

Mixing instructions: Put all ingredients in a blender with ice cubes. (More ice = more froth.) Blend until smooth and frothy. Pour into glass and enjoy.

Sailor Moon

Sailor Moon Sailor Moon Face Sailor Moon 108

Female: Liver and White

Ingredients: 30 ml White rum, 30 ml Charleston Follies, Lemon juice, Ice, Champagne

Mixing instructions: Shake white rum, Charleston Follies and lemon juice with ice. Strain over ice in an old fashioned glass. Fill glass with champagne. Garnish with a slice of lemon.

Scarlet Fever

Scarlet Fever Scarlet Fever Face Scarlett Fever 115
Female: Liver and White

Ingredients: 12-14 oz Absolut Vodka, 12-14 oz White rum, 6-8 oz dry Gin (London’s), 6 oz Cranberry juice

Mixing instructions: Mix together and shake, pour into a draft glass add 3 ice cubes and garnish with a lemon wheel on the side.

Blue Chili

Blue Chili Blue Chili Face Blue Chili 121

Male: Liver and White

Ingredients: 2 oz Blue Curacao, 1 oz Vodka (Absolut), 1/2 oz Gin, 1/2 oz White rum, Ice, 1 dash Sprite

Mixing instructions: Shake the first 5 ingredient in a shaker. Shake well. Strain into a cocktail class. Add a dash of sprite. Garnish with cherry and lemon reel.

Boot Blaster

Boot Blaster Boot Blaster Face Boot Blaster 127

Male: Liver and White

Ingredients: 1 oz White rum, 1 oz Gin, 1 oz Vodka, 1 oz Triple sec, 14 oz Lemon-lime mix, 1/2 oz Coca-Cola

Mixing instructions: Half fill a 20oz glass (preferably in the shape of a Cowboy Boot) with ice, regular or crushed. Pour the spirits over the ice. Add lemon-lime mix leaving room at the top for the 1/2 oz of Coca-Cola to dirty the drink.

Cryonic Shock

Cryonic Shock Cryonic Shock Face Cryonic Shock 136

Male: Liver and White

Ingredients: 2 shots Blue Curacao, 1 shot Whisky (Stock 84), 1 shot White rum, 1 shot Metaxa, 2 shots Ouzo (Ouzo #12), Juice of 1 Lemon, Juice of 1 Lime, Add 8 cubes Ice

Mixing instructions: Mix the Blue Curacao, Whisky, Rum, Brandy, Ouzo, Lemon and Lime juices in a blender. Pulse mixture for 2-3 seconds. Add the 8 ice cubes. Pulse for about 20-30 seconds or until desired consistency of ice is achieved.