The goal of many of the field bred ESS owners is the competition, and the ultimate winning of an AKC Field Trial. A Field Trial winner is the best dog, on that day, under those Judges, out of all dogs entered. Four titles are available in the U.S. under AKC rules for Field Trials. AFC is Amateur Field Champion. This means you are running your own dog, and you are not in the business of training field dogs for other people, or for a living. Next is FC, this is Field Champion. This stake is also called the Open which means anybody can run in it. As an amateur in this stake, you will be competing with professional trainers, who are paid to run other peoples dogs, as well as their own. Both these stakes you must either win twice or have 10 points and a win to earn the title. 2nd place is 3 points, 3rd place is 2 points, and 4th place is 1 point. There are approximately 60 trials in the US each year, and they are primarily held in the spring and fall. Here is a list of dates, and places. The two titles, NAFC & NFC, are National events Just one National for Amateur and Open is held each year. In the Springer world, just one National Champion each, is made each year. To qualify to compete in the Nationals, you must have placed in a Field Trial within that year. Other titles that would appear in front of a dogs name are CFC, Canadian Field Champion and NCFC, National Canadian Field Champion. Many Times you will see these Champion titles from dogs competing in Canadian Field Trials. You may also see in front of a dogs name FTCH, which is the UK’s Field Champion title. Field titles are placed in front of the dogs name. Hunt Test titles (which are behind the dog’s name) are JH for Junior Hunter, SH is Senior Hunter, and MH is Master Hunter. Another title in front of a dogs name is the CH which is a show champion title. Other titles behind the name are obtained by pasing obedience, and tracking tests. The title’s WD working dog and WDX working dog excellent, do not appear on AKC registration. These Parent Club titles are given out by Show Clubs. They are suppose to indicate a ‘hunting instinct’ in a dog, however it is the opinion of the vast majority of Field Trialers, Hunt Testers, and Hunters, it is a meaningless title.

Taken from essft.com