Trixie's Portrait

Trixie Lynn Belden Polinder

D.O.B: April 17, 2001
PFK: Clear (2 Normal Alleles)

Trixie is my very first Springer I purchased. She is a liver and white female with a beautiful mask. She has the most gorgeous puppies with a desire to hunt and retrieve. Her puppies have the natural ability to quarter out in the field. Trixie is an avid hunter with a large amount of drive. She is not happy unless she is retrieving something. Trixie is a water dog; she loves to swim. She can be found most of the time in the bathroom lying on her tummy with legs stuck straight back. It is normal for her to announce her presence with a flop down and a large Springer sigh.

Sire: Max-O-Million
Dam: O’Brien’s Irish Missy