Amos with bird resized

2005 NAFC FC AFC Upcountry Lighthouse Amos

Sire: 1994 NFC AFC Kb’s Sir Coach (Hall of Fame Dog)
Dam: FC AFC Dansmirth’s Wavecrest Fete SH
OFA: Good
CERF: Clear
PFK: Normal

Amos was handled by his owner in the 2005 National Amateur stakes by Archie Hendrick were he won the championship.   Amos has a wonderful temperament and is laid back wether it is with kids or snoozing in Archie’s lap.  Amos is a fast learner, retains what he learns well,  and is eager to please.  “Amos is a GREAT bird finder,” according to Archie long with the ability to mark, retrieve, and cover the field efficiently all with style and a soft mouth.  Lets not only take Archie’s word, here is what Mark Haglin, one of the judges at the 2005 Nationals, had to say, “Amos is a powerful dog in the field with a strong body structure.  He has a tremendous nose for tracking and exhibited that nose on a criss cross running bird through:  light grass, a tire track, and heavy cover, and trailed it about 70 yards at full speed.  He has very good report with Archie, very attentive and always connected to his handler and an excellent retriever.”

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