Well,as I write this SoBe has decided to make camp on my lap so, if there is typos I apologize in advanced.  The puppies are doing great.  Each night as Tim cooks dinner I read to them from the 100 Bible Stories book.  All the puppies crawl over to the wall that I am leaning against and whine and coo until they have gotten comfortable and by the time I have finished a story they are fast asleep.  I read two to three stories just for good measure. Beret’s puppies are about 6 days behind SoBe’s so, they are a little smaller.  I know that video is great but I can’t video myself nor would I want to.  Potty training is just around the corner for SoBe’s litter.  The laundry basket will get overtime this go around….2 litters are going to be heavy.  I might decide to split them up…..we will see. I hope that I can keep up; there are 14 furry bodies which means 56 little furry legs to keep track of.  All the puppies have the energy of their momma’s.  This is going to be a great adventure; time to buckle up and hang on for the ride!