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As you can see the babies are retrieving with great enthusiasm!!  I am so excited!  The weather here out on the prairie has been dry and dusty.  We need rain; the babies are always dusty…they roll around in their pen and huge clouds of dust escape from under them.  The once green grass is now crunchy brown; either way the puppies don’t mind.  You can hear them from inside the house playing rough and talking loud to one another.  Sometimes it seem to be a contest on who can bark the loudest….it echos through out the house.  I did not need a baby monitor with these little yappers, they let me know with gusto that they need to go out to potty in the early morning.  There is no missing that potty announcement in the wee hours.  They are all so happy!  I am excited for families to start welcoming them into their new homes…..but, until then pray for rain; the yard is begging for a drink!