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The babies are here!  They are over a week old and now I can take a deep breath and relax.  The first week is touch and go.  I slept with the puppies on the bathroom floor the first 3 days.  Beret had her babies first with classical music softly playing in the background; she had 3 black and white females along with 2 black and white males.  She did a great job for her first litter.  Mini had her first 4 puppies naturally; the last 2 were delivered via c section by Dr. Jost at H and H Vet in Benson, MN.  In all Mini had 4 males and 2 females; they are all liver and white.  I welcomed all the babies into the world with joyful and enthusiastic “Happy Birthdays;” even, while I was standing over the operating table with Mini as Dr. Jost removed the 2 puppies that needed a eventful entrance into the world (they just wanted to be difficult: Falling Star and The Bootlegger)….they ALL got a huge welcome into the world!   SoBe has been helping since day one with all the motherly duties; she even nurses them.  In fact, SoBe spends more time in the whelping box than Mini and Beret.  It is great to have a rotation of mommas in the house; there is always someone loving and caring for the little angels.  I feel very blessed to have all the babies fat and happy. As always; the puppies have a playlist of their own on my ipod; it plays a mixture of soft music and classical music, Tim could tell you the play list by heart because it is on repeat.  The music helps with the puppies cognitive development; only smart puppies here!  The adventure has begun!!