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Utah aka Hot Toddy is my little buddy until the first weekend of April until he goes to his new family.  He has been doing fantastic with potty training and even better with his retrieving!!  He is retrieving frozen pigeons outside and is doing a wonderful job; I could not ask for anything more from the little guy.  Utah has been hanging out with Beret; Beret is a little (24.9lb) female out of Mini and Amos…Beret likes that he is smaller than her which gives her the advantage when they are wrestling.  He is just the right size for her to play with; she actually gets to win when romping with him; normally she is on the bottom of any dog piles around here because she is the smallest poochie I own.  Utah did a great job when we put in him micro chip;  I cant say that about some of the older dogs though.  All puppies will now go to their new families with a micro chip.  I am always excited when I can provide more to the families that welcome a Harvest Hunters puppy into their family!