Baby monitors are no longer just for human kiddos.  I bought a baby monitor to help with potty training for the furry four legged babies this litter.  I was tired of sleeping with my bedroom door open; I did this so, I could hear the puppies when they woke up and needed to go out to the bathroom.  Well, I am not a fan of the bedroom door being open because Mini and SoBe would wander thru the house and get into trouble (cashing in on their pro card for counter surfing; SoBe has won a pasta dish and Mini has won half of a cheese cake).  So, I decided to buy a baby monitor to hear the puppies when they wake up.  I do have to say that I can hear them ALL the time. They have lots of energy and they are loud.  It seems that I have given them a megaphone to scream into; the monitor amplifies everything ten fold.  I chuckle to myself when I hear them talk back and forth to each other.  The puppies have LOTS to say and play.  The other night they kept me up all night long; they did not sleep a wink in their crate….OH NO…..the had a shouting match at each other all night.  Tim thinks it is comical; I can’t wait until he comes home on Rest and Relaxation and gets to experience the 24 hour shouting/ romping fest….We will see if he gets any sleep; I think I will put the monitor on his side of the bed.

On another note, the potty training is going great.  Few accidents and the kiddos let me know when they need to go out.  They are vocal; which is fantastic, I want them to communicate with me that they need to go out to the bathroom.

I have been reading lots of story books to them.  I have to say that their favorite is Heroes of the Bible.  I sit down on the floor with them and they ALL crawl into my lap and look at me with big blue soon to be brown eyes and wait for me to start to read so they can fall asleep.  By the time I have licked my finger to turn the last page I have 9 deep sleeping, dreaming, twitching, puppies.  I would video it but, it is hard to do when you only have two hands and one of them is normally cradling Rocket Fuel and holding a book in the other…if only I had a third hand!  I will soon though, Tim will be home soon on leave and then I will have TWO extra hands to help out and to snuggle and love puppies.

All 9 puppies were given a clean bill of health at the vets office at their 6 week check up and shots.  I am so blessed to have 9 healthy, spunky, happy, and adorable puppies.  I could not ask for anything more!!  I am so excited for their new families to welcome them into their homes!