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I can breathe a sigh of relief and so can my Kenmore Canister Vacuum.  The whelping box is gone along with all of its wonders.  Potty training has begun and the puppies don’t know what to think about being taken outside every 2 hours into the cold.  SoBe had a small panic attack when she came in from outside and the whelping box was gone.  Actually, she was more disappointed; because, now when she is in trouble she has no safe haven to go hide in. “I am with my babies you can’t take me away,” was the look I would get from her but, no more hiding in the confetti and in the sweetness of newborn babies, she will be disciplined now for her counter surfing.  Didn’t you know, SoBe has her pro card in counter surfing and I am trying to take away her championship title.  The puppies get a little cold outside but, soon enough they will be romping around when their winter fur grows in.  I took new portrait pictures as well today; the key is to do it when they are sleepy so they cant move so fast.  My toes are already protesting their sharp little needle teeth; I think it is time to find the slippers.  Good night all…sleep tight don’t let the bed bugs bite!