Fair hours; fair wages is what my vacuum cleaner is screaming.  It is threatening to go on strike now that the puppies are in shredded magazines; it wants its union representative.  The paper is everywhere; it looks like New Years eve here everyday.  My poor vacuum is being used 5 to 6 times a day; the noise which was a merry hum is now a strong protest.  When the hubby calls from over seas he is always asking, “Are you vacuuming again?”  I am finding shredded paper on my bed and even under the covers, floating in the bathtub and toilet, in the laundry, everywhere.  The paper hitches a ride on the poochies (Mini and SoBe) that are continuously in and out of the whelping box.  SoBe’s ears look like they have been dipped in rainbow confetti; I must say they are very colorful but the never ending shedding of the pieces of magazine are not appreciated by my loud over worked Kenmore Canister Vacuum.  I can’t wait until I can start potty training and get rid of the whelping box and all the colors it holds…….no more shredded paper!