When Tim and I bought a new bed a couple years ago I was convinced that a queen would be big enough; Tim shook his head in disbelief and chuckled, “whatever you want dear….I think we should go bigger.”  Well, the hubby was right.  Last night I spent most of the night trying to move not one, not two, but four furry four legged children out of the way so I could at least lay down in bed.  Tim is gone so, his side of the bed is empty (I still sleep on my side) and I decided to fill the void with a dog or two….yeah not so much.  I now have four 100lb rocks in bed that are absolutely NOT moving for anything. I understand that the bed is toasty and comfy; I want to enjoy it too!  I can say their names and the just simply play dead; who knew that 30lbs of dog could be so difficult to move; it is like moving cinder blocks that are bolted to the bed.  When I call their names to get their attention they might respond with the arch of an eyebrow but nothing more….I get the “are you talking to me look?” YES, I am talking to you! Grrrrr……poochies I need my sleep, this is my bed so, MOVE!