Took Mini into the vet the other day just to have her looked over; she has been extraordinarily whiny and weepy.  The ultrasound showed happy active puppies; we stopped counting at 6.   I could see their little spines and ribs and one even waved at me with its tiny paw.  Mini is being especially vocal; she is letting me know what she is feeling and how she wants help onto the bed…yep, she is too big to get up by herself now.  I can feel the little babies in her when I rest my hand on her tummy; I even felt a little heart beat….what a miracle…..I am excited to welcome them into the world with a big smile and “Happy Birthday!”
My SoBe baby is coming home this weekend from Chuck’s!  I am so excited to have her home to get some awesome hunting in and lots of love.  Mini can’t quiet cover the ground in the field with her waddle but, I know she would….she loves to hunand has an undying dedication to please me.