Rain….do I need to say more?  The poochies went out and came in looking like Black Labs, needless to say, they all received baths; it was a lot of work spraying down all those dogs.  The towels were soaked; I could get 3 dogs dried off with one towel.  When towels go on sale I buy in bulk…..9-10 at a time.  SoBe did great with Chuck; she made it through the entire trial: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd series.  She was scared off by a few cows in the 1st series; she is not use to cows…..mooooo. Chuck will be running her in the Open at West Allis and then her trial season will be complete.  I am busy hunting and having a blast doing it!  Mini is getting heavier and her boobies are getting bigger…..I am guessing still that she is pregnant; I never want to say for sure until a puppy pops out; weirder things have happened.