Mini keeping me company while I do homework.Mini is home and I am ecstatic….my shadow is home!  Tim is a little less enthused because now he has a furry barrier between him and me in the bed ( I would like to state that he does not complain when the weather is freezing and she keeps him warm).  I am hoping that my little girl is pregnant after her trip to Mazomanie, WI, to be bred.  Chuck ran her in the Open at the St. Croix field trial.  I ran SoBe and Miata in the Amateur stakes.   Chuck took SoBe to run her in his field trials since I have school and work.  He will be running her in the Open and the Amateur in Central Wisconsin.  He will then bring her to Minnesota and run her in the Open and I will pick her up….this will most likely be the conclusion of my trial season, unless, I decided to run in Iowa in late November.  I am hoping to steady Mighty soon; I am patiently waiting for pigeons so, I can start the field work of the process.   I miss SoBe and all her “talking” but she will be home soon enough and we can get some great hunting in.