The trialing season started yesterday (Saturday, October 2) and I ran SoBe and Miata.  Miata was out in the first series.  SoBe had an Ok first series but a FANTASTIC 2nd series with  two 50 yard retrieves (she buttoned both of them).  She ran great could of not asked for anything more.  Her first series was just a little too rough for the judges to bring her back  for a third series.

I have been busy doing yard work with Mighty.  She is yard steady now we need to get her doing board flushes….should be fun.  I am hoping that she will be steady by the 18 of October, so I can run her in the puppy stakes in Wisconsin.  She is a fast learner!

Micro and Logic are working on retrieves out in the yard now and are coming right back with the pigeon. We will start quartering them soon.

Beret...Victoria's Secret...I little for you and herI dusted off Beret and have been giving her FROZEN pigeon retrieves…yes, she needs frozen birds.  She is doing good and I think that we will start quartering her with the puppies.

Mini is going to run in the Open at the St Croix trial; Chuck will run her.  I will be running Miata and SoBe.  I am excited to get Mini back; it will be great to have her snuggled between Tim and I in bed….it is getting cold out dontcha know?