I trained the poochies on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday.  Friday, Tim and I trained in Brandon with a fellow trainer.  On Saturday and Sunday I trained down with a professional in Montgomery, MN.  There was a great group of trainers and shooters that showed up; it was a blast!  I learned new techniques and reinforced some old ones with the dogs.  It was a very productive training day. I was able to get braces in with: Mini, SoBe, and Miata.  Miata did well for her first brace.  She had a bird dropped about 15 feet away from her that was the other dogs and I was able to get a correction in as she wanted to go retrieve it herself.  She learned to honor in difficult situations; I could not have scripted a better training session for her. I stayed the night and trained on Sunday; the group was smaller but, just as fun.  The weekend was full of great training, awesome conversation, and wonderful friends.  I will be steadying Mighty soon; in the next week or so. …it should prove to be interesting.