Tim decided last night to have Kahlua, Miata, Kane, Beret, SoBe, Mini, Logic, Mighty, and Micro out all at the same time….what the ensured was a small war over the toy box and the stuffed animals in it.  The carnage that was left was less than desirable for my poor vacuum clean which will be working overtime.  After the stuffing few and my ears were ringing I sternly told Tim he needed to put them away….during all of this I was trying (keyword) to work on my chemistry.  Lets just say there is never a dull moment at our house.  After the poochies were wrangled into their crates I worked on frozen pigeon retrieves with Micro and Logic; they are doing great.  I then took Mighty out to the field and did some collar work with her; she had a big Springer smile on her face as Tim carried her into the house from the Jeep.  she has a tendency to be carried around and she loves it….my little brother, Aaron, affectionately calls her his little lamb.  Our bed was tightly packed with Jimmy, Mini, and SoBe…I think at least the dogs got some sleep.