Summer is officially over and school has started yet again (yep, I am a student again; RN this time)……Aaron headed home to start his sophomore year at Lakeville North High School.  It was great having him all summer; he joined us shortly after Kahlua and SoBe had their puppies and was here when they all went to new homes.  He did not particularly care for the name Logic for one of the two puppies we kept; if he would of had it his way she would of been named Hades the Son of Death….yikes, that is NOT a cute puppy name.  He definitely had a workout each day when he would haul 12 puppies in a basket out to the puppy pen….everyday they got a little heavier; I know this because he was not afraid to vocalize their heftiness as they grew.  He became very agile; those puppies are fast when you are trying to get all 12 of them in one basket to go outside.  His hand eye coordination improved greatly this summer; it reminded me of  “Hungry Hungry Hippo;” it was hard not to laugh….I do have to say, he did have a big smile on his face when trying to scoop all those puppies up.   Aaron woke up everyday to a singing choir of excited HUNGRY poochies….they were literally singing for their dinner or should I say breakfast.  I am proud to say by the end of the summer he knew all of the dogs by site  (no easy feat with 12 dogs and 10 of them are liver and white; it is not like they are all different Miata Under the Dog Housecolors…that would be too easy); their likes and dislikes along with where he could find them if they were missing, case and point: if Miata was missing look UNDER the dog house….her little bright eyes will be daring you to come and extract her.  Aaron affectionately suggested that Beret wear a black collar to match the dirt that she proudly models everyday from her trench; she would dig a trench and Aaron would go fill it in, this was the dance that they did until Aaron gave up…..mark one down for the furry children in the game of poochie vs human.  Aaron had lots of bed buddies this summer they included: Mighty (his favorite), Miata, and Beret (his least favorite; it seems that not only is she good Aaron and Mighty reading Summer 2010at digging holes but, destroying anything in her fuzzy little reach).  The house seems a little less noisy without Aaron bellowing at Beret and Kane to be quiet.  Most of all, I will miss coming home from work and finding him in the chair with Mighty sleeping on his lap while he was reading.   I know one thing is for sure; his clothes will be covered with less dog hair now that he is home.