I learned in physics that theoretical and experiment never are the same when coming to solving problems.  You can work out the experiment on paper but, when you perform it lab there is always error.  Yep, I made a theoretical plan and it experimentally bombed.  The plans that I made seemed to sound great; I was going to go to work on Saturday night and train Sunday morning. Yep, you guessed it, I came home to change and load dogs up; I stupidly decided to sit down in bed with the hubby and fell asleep with my scrubs on sitting against the headboard of the bed.  I would like to add that it left a nice indent in my head.  Oh man,  it just stunk.  Of course, there were people who needed me that morning which made it even worse…ick is all I can say.  I am going to flop down now with a big Springer sigh and sad eyes….sorry guys!