Lucy (Georgia Pie) is gone…Tim took her to the airport to send her to her new family who was awaiting for her in New Mexico.  Tim snuggled and sang to her before she boarded her plane.  The house is now a little bit emptier with her gone but, I still have 2 little girls who are testing my patience every second…..Micro (Absolut Lemonade) and Logic (Daydream) are doing great with frozen pigeon retrieves.  Logic has a mind of her own; she is suppose to return to me with her bird but decides to take a detour around the house until gracing me with her presence.  Now, Micro, on the other hand comes promptly back with a big smile on her face when we are retrieving.  Logic will be a handful, I can already tell.

Training went well today with the big poochies.  Mini found her 2 birds well considering the field was green and thick (this makes for hard scenting and a good cover for the birds to hide in).  With hesitation, I gave SoBe what I thought was a flier and a clip wing.  She found her flier which did not fly and found her clip which did…..go figure.  Miata was a little rough around the edges….the thick grass is proving to give her a run for her money.  Her finds where not pretty but none the less she found her birds.  She worked them out; she is still young with lots to learn.  Mighty…wow….she has a nose and runs with the gusto of a fantastic field trialing dog.  We rolled pigeons in for her( none flew so they were only pick ups); with a round about way she brought them back to me. Since none of the pigeons graced us with their flying ability, I threw one in the air to be shot.  It was a longer retrieve and of course if landed in a patch of vibrant green shin height grass.  She never gave up; she worked it out until she found it and triumphantly brought it back to me.  Her retrieving skills are getting better; I am hoping to start the steadying process in the next 4 weeks or so….only time will tell or I should say when Mighty will tell….

Good night all! Field Trialing season is just a few weeks away; should prove to be a fun year with lots of hopeful poochies and handlers on a mission for a placement.