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Just a peek of a typical evening at the Gorecki house.  I was spying on the puppies as they played and ate.  Gene, Aaron, and Loryn spent time snuggling and hugging the puppies.  They are spending more time outside in the puppy pen; they Loryn, Aaron, and Gene with Kahlua x Ace puppies.were not to sure about it at first but, now they venture into the jungle (my overgrown lawn…hey, it could very easily be a jungle for a little 6 inch puppy).  The house has started to develop a noise…a noise of 12 puppies all demanding your attention that is.  Aaron has been helping us shuttle the puppies out for potty training in a basket.  The neighbors must wonder what is going on at 11;30 at night when all of a sudden, “Good potty!” echoes in the night…yep; My little brother with a basket full of puppy.potty training has begun!