My little brother is such a big help while I am at school.  He is doing a great job of loving and snuggling all the puppies…yes, all 12. All of SoBe’s puppies have their eyes open; they are starting to be on the move.  I moved them from the bathroom into the whelping box in the kitchen.  My vacuum is on overtime with all the paper shavings everywhere; it is demanding a raise.  I don’t even put it away; it is pulled in 24/7 on the ready.  I took new puppy portraits; you can find them when you click on the the puppies picture or the word “puppies” on the homepage.  Aaron and I got it done in 15 minutes; he is a lot more better at helping me than Tim…actually everyone who helps me (Laura, Aaron, and Loryn) with puppy portraits besides my hubby is better; we can get them done lickity split but, with Tim it takes an hour…..I wonder why?