The training in the field was going well this morning until I had to run Mighty on a check cord.  Now, the problem is that she is not a bad dog or anything; she just needs a gentle reminder to bring birds back to me.  She was running and found her clip wing pigeon, she went in hard and picked it up.  On her way back to me she dropped it and the pigeon flew a little ways.  This would not have been a problem except that the check cord had made a loop around my ankle and when she ran full steam (who would of thought a little 25lb could be so strong?) to retrieve the escaped pigeon that loop tightened…Yep, you guested it, I was flat on my back in 2 seconds.  My foot was literally pulled out from under me ( I hear from the guys that it was quite comical).  As I laid on the ground looking at the blue sky trying desperately to catch my breath I was wondering, “Where is the dog?” I was able to get the question out just in time for Mighty to be peering down at me from above with a pigeon in her mouth. Did I mention how much I HATE ROPES?