Aaron snuggling Hawaiian Punch; Kahlua x Ace Summer 2010The puppies received lots of love today from all that are here.  Aaron, my little brother, has given them lots of cuddle time along with my dad and Karen.  There was not a moment when a little baby was not being snuggled by someone.  They are yawning lots and stretching even more….they are growing so fast.  Hawaiian Punch is a little snuggler; she likes to snuggle in my neck and hunker down.  Vanilla Creamsicle is visibly bigger than everyone else right now; we will see if they catch up in size.  Tim had most of the dogs in today; he rotated them so, everyone got some individual attention in the cool house.  You can feel the puppies move in her tummy; it will be interesting to have twoTim feeling SoBe's puppies moving in her tummy; Summer 2010 litters at one again….lots of snuggling and love going on that is for sure!