Tim made it home today after being gone for 24 days; it is great to have him home.  He was so excited to see the puppies for the first time when he got here.  Kahlua decided to share all her toys with the puppies today…she got them out of the Kahlua x Ace Puppies Summer 2010 with toys in the crate.toy box in the living room and stacked them in the crate with the puppies.  I found them snuggled in with all the stuffed animal toys.  They are getting so big.  Vanilla Creamsicle is a big girl.  Rambo Shot and Frappe are starting to talk; it is a little startling to hear little barks out of them already…they must have something important to say. I weighted them today; Frappe: 1lb 10 oz, Vanilla Creamsicle: 2lbs, Rambo Shot: 1lb 10oz, Hawaiian Punch: 1lb 11oz.  Tim and I moved the puppies from the bathroom into the heated nest/ whelping box in the kitchen.  Kahlua was a little worrisome about it and picked up Hawaiian Punch and was going to take her back to the bathroom but Tim cut her off at the pass.  Tim had a conversation with Kahlua and explained to her that this was her new nest and her babies are safe here; she understood and has since calmed down.  She in now nursing the puppies with a smile on her face.  SoBe’s waist is now 29 inches around were not to many days ago it was 27….wow, she is growing!