The men that I value and valued came from University of Minnesota Morris.

Nate Paver UMMNate E. Williams: How I miss you.  It is hard to walk out into a field and not think about how much fun you would be having training the dogs.  You have been missing for almost 6 years; your body remains missing in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area, but your heart remains with us.  I know that you are smiling every time I shoot a bird.  The area in which you disappeared still remains your grave until we know different;  I know that you would not prefer any other place to be laid to rest.  The wind, earth, water, and trees are your headstone.

Dave Paver UMMDavid R Gorecki, D.D.S:  The phone rang and I knew that your were dead….I could feel it.  You died on your son’s 21st birthday; it kills to see Tim’s birthday on your cold marble headstone.  Tim says, “God takes the good because they have nothing left to prove; they are ready.” I know that you are good, kind, loving, and caring.  There is not a day that goes by that I don’t think of the influence you had in my life.  You helped guide me to be a better person; I know that you are watching above when I step to the line to run a dog and are cheering me on….SoBe finding that bird in the 2nd was all your doing; there is no doubt that you gave SoBe the direction….4th place not only belongs to me, SoBe, but, you as well.  I miss you!

Tim Paver UMMTim W Gorecki: You are my one and only hero!  We have made it through so much together in the last 11 years.  I have learned from you how to be a better person and wife; everyday that we spend together is a gift.  I love you and thank you for your endless support of my dream of breeding, raising, training, and trialing English Springer Spaniels.  The Army takes you and I play the better part to the deployments.  You complete me; I would not be the person I am without you.

Like the paver stones at UMM; these men have paved a path in my life and have guided me down the right road; I would not be the person I am with out their influences.  God Bless them all!