The puppies are all snuggled into momma’s utter with a mouth full of nipple drifting into sleep…yes, I can tell when they are sleeping even though their eyes are still shut.  They actively twitch in their dreams; how they get any actual sleep is beyond me.  I am going to try the unthinkable; I am going to let Mighty sleep with me tonight…pause for gasp….I think she can sleep through the night with out waking me up or walking on top of me….but, we will see.  I will have a full report for you in the morning.  As far as Mini and SoBe go, we will see if they are alright with a new bed buddy.  Mighty, SoBe, Mini, and Baker are lounging on the couches here in the living room.  The puppies in SoBe’s belly are very active; I gave Tim the report (he is away playing Army) and he is excited to meet them; we all are!

Here is a quick glimpse of what is going on here at the moment……..

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