The puppies had their tails docked and their dew claws removed; lets just say they have fantastic lungs.  Everyone is healthy and gaining weight.  I have to say that Rambo Shot is a little chunker right now; pudgy puppy. They are all nice a snuggled in the bathroom in a half crate with Kahlua keeping a watchful eye over them.  It is not too hard to kept hem warm right now with the weather as hot as it is….It registered at 93 degrees today.  Kahlua was a little anxious when I took the babies to the vet but, she was very elated to see them when I brought them back.  All of the babies are enjoying the serenade of classical music that is continuously playing.  SoBe in nesting in the kitchen in the other half of the crate; she is high on pregnancy hormones…a big smile on her face.