Tim was away this weekend for Army at Ripley so, I was able to get a bunch of training in with the puppies (Mighty, Kane, and Beret).  They are progressing wonderfully.  Beret is still a little challenging on her delivery but, we can fix that.  Kane is retrieving perfectly with a great delivery.  Mighty is a little stubborn; she still is working on coming straight back to me but, it is a lot better than it was before.  I was able to get two training sessions in on both Saturday and Sunday.  Tim came home with a car full of stuffed animals form a garage sale….they were free; I can’t argue with that price!  The puppies and dogs love it!  Tim suggested that we get a toy box for the living room; I think that he is right…you would think that we had kids or something…nope just 12 very loved dogs!  I got Mini’s name tattooed on my ribs this weekend; it turned out great! I am hoping to get out into the field this week; I am out of pigeons and I need to continue to train.  My goal is to have the puppies steadied by the end of the summer and running in the puppy stakes this fall….that is the goal anyways; we will see if they will cooperate!