Mighty decided to help clean“They are little thieves!”  That is the quote which is repeated consistently in our house by an irritated Tim.  The puppies (Mighty, Kane, and Beret) have a tendency to find missing socks and proudly share them with us; I guess that it is not only socks but, that is what erks my hubby the most.  I mean, I don’t mind it at all but, Tim does because they normally have his socks….it is comical when he is looking for a pair and only finds one…..he can getMighty and Beret a little frustrated.  I find socks in the couch cushions, in their crates, under the couches, in beds…everywhere!  There is a pile that Tim has started behind the TV of socks that have made their way from hamper to him via puppy mouth.  I do have to say that the puppies don’t search and destroy they just nonchalantly carry them in their mouths with a slight twinkle in their mischievous eyes. I just laugh…they are so good at finding random socks…I swear the Beret with hair cut...I don't know if possible but, she looks even smaller!house is a safe heaven for socks but, Mighty is very good at locating them ….she must have sock radar.  Where is she when I need her to find a missing sock; you know the one that you swear you washed and dried…the one the drier “ate”.  I need her to prance up to me with socks then, not when I am watching a movie.  Oh the joys of having multiple puppies at the same time; they are the love and joy of our lives!  Never a dull moment in the Gorecki house!