As I sit here typing there is 5 dogs out.  Kane is counter surfing as I yell at him now..hold on….well, he did not get anything worth while off the counter.  If he wants to lick crumbs that is fine with me; it means there is less for me to wipe off later tonight.  Beret is snuggled so close to Tim she is disappearing into the couch cushions. Kahlua is holding her toy “bebe” in her mouth, happy as a clam.  Mini is on my feet; has been all night as I have done school work.  I never have to worry about socks, she is my foot warmer.  Mighty is lounging on the couch taking up 2 cushions…she doesn’t seem to care that Kane just sat on her face.  Cooper and Mini went with us again to Glacial Lakes State Park.  They ran and Tim and I walked (2.4 miles)…I do have to say a small bird became victim of Mini’s quick grab…sorry little birdie.  Clip wing pigeons provided retrieving material for my puppies.  Mighty is doing good.  Kane is ready to go on fliers.  Beret is ready for fliers as well. I am going to be so excited when I can get out int he field and have gunners shoot for them.  It just so happens all of the training group is at field trials the next 4 days so, I will have to wait….did I mention I am not always the most patient person….O well, this will have to wait though.  The weather is gorgeous and I can’t complain.  I am excited to get SoBe back from Chuck and I am also anxious to see how he does with her next weekend in southern Minnesota.  The bed only housed Mini, Tim, and I last night…it is amazing how much room you have with only one dog in bed instead of 3 or 4…I have to say I do draw the line at 5.  Enjoy your furry companion and remember vehicles are going to start getting hot in the sun so, park in the shade and have the windows down far enough for air flow.  Smile the weather is only going to get better….Dog dock launching is only a few weeks away.