Another pigeon bites the dust…that is ok because when the puppies (Mighty, Kane, and Beret) retrieve them they can only last so long…I mean how many times can you be thrown up and land on your head?  Beret retrieved first and the pigeon was alive and kicking….it was a clip wing (it had its wing taped so it could not fly far) and she chased it and caught it and brought it back flapping.  Mighty was next, the pigeon was less enthusiastic about flapping but it did make a descent effort; by the last toss with Mighty it was ready to call it quits….But no, we had Kane left to train.  After throwing the pigeon into the wind and it coming down to the earth with a thud on its head it was obvious it had seen its better days.  Kane finished off the retrieves well.  All the puppies have soft mouths but, like I said after a while the poor sky rat just could not take any more.  After Kane we gave Cooper retrieves with the less than kicking bird….yep it was done…Tim looked at it after Cooper’s retrieves and turned to me and said, “Dear, I think its done.”  I replied, “put it in the bird crate and lets see….” I have to say that hubby was right; the poor white pigeon was stiff as a board when I picked it up to check on it…O well, another pigeon bites the dust.

Mini and Cooper….Minicooper…giggle went with us on a trek through Glacial Lakes State Park.  They romped and played while Tim and I walked the 2.4 mile trail.  Cooper listens great and did not get to far away; Mini on the other hand…lets just say she is not to worried about getting in trouble.  Ace cuddled with Tim and I last night in bed.  Miata just got thrown in a crate via ears (don’t worry she is fine; her tail was wagging the entire way) due to her counter surfing; yep she got a prize, half of a fresh pizza.  Cooper is hanging out on Tim’s feet…no need for slippers here.  SoBe is still with Chuck in Wisconsin; like I made mention before she was bred to Tanner.  Tyrael was out this morning but quickly earned a trip outside due to an impromptu vomiting session; he ate fuzz and it did not sit well in his tummy.  Like I said, all is normal and cheerful here at the house…… I am headed to bed shortly with Mini in tow; I will let you know who Tim decides to invite to bed tomorrow.  Enjoy the fantastic weather; I know I am planning on getting out in the field tomorrow!