The weather is fantastic and training continues.  Here is an update of what is going on here at the Gorecki house…. Chuck has SoBe; she was bred to a fantastic dog named Tanner in Wisconsin.  Chuck will be running SoBe in the Open here in Minnesota.  Mini is chillin’ with me now and I have been working with her to get her momma fat off…she is still a little bummed out about the puppy she lost or I should say I am still bummed out.  The puppies (Mighty, Beret, Kane) are doing well on pigeons; I have a crate full of them to train with so that is nice. Miata is doing great with buoy launcher retrieves and her delivery has come a long way;  I can’t complain.  ace is cuddled by my feet on a blanket…he makes a great foot warmer, no need for slippers.  We have a guest dog that will be looking for a new family soon; his name is Cooper and he is out of Kahlua x Ace.  He is a very animated happy dog.  We got him tonight and have already gave him pigeon retrieves and took him on a 2 mile walk; he did good.  I am hoping to get my dogs out in the field this week and put the puppies on some flier pigeons…should be fun!  Enjoy the weather; take poochie out for a walk!