The boys are no longer on house arrest!  Mini is no longer in heat; they can now join the rest of the household.  Tim had the girls out today: Mini, SoBe, Miata, Mighty, Kane, Beret, Kahlua, and Trixie (Kane is not big enough to be Beretinterested in Mini so, we count him as a girl….shhhh, don’t tell him that though).  I think that it is time for me to retire the pigeon I am using…it is missing the head and a leg; it is a pitiful site but, still great to use for puppy retrieves.  Mississippi is retrieving great for her age.  Mighty, Kane, and Beret are testing the waters but, I am keeping them in the shallow end for now. Beret is carrying around a beer can and is proud to show her support for Hamm’s; yes, i said Hamm’s, it was all Tim could find at the time.  Mighty is teething on a cranberry Ocean Spray plastic bottle; that will keep her entertained for a half hour or so.