The house is full of dogs; they have cabin fever and so do I.  The weather has been cooperating the last week or so; I Mighty decided to help cleanwas able to train the puppies on live pigeons out in the field.  Mighty, Kane, and Beret had a blast!  Mighty quarters the field well and is learning to use her nose; I planted clip wing pigeons for her.  Kane is a little hesitant in his run but, I believe that he will open up.  Beret is a little running machine; I think that she is going to make a great trialing dog.  Tim clipped the dogs toe nails tonight; some found it to be nothing special while others thought they were going to die….oh the drama.  Beret got a nice warm bath; she enjoyed the nice toasty water with the help of the jets that is.  Mighty, Kane, Beret, and Mississippi all did their pigeon retrieves tonight; they really enjoy it.  Not only did we work on retrieves but, we are teaching them HUP.  They are all fast learners. Trixie, Mighty, SoBe, Miata, Kahlua,and Mini are all out lounging on the couches….Mini is a little irritated that I am not letting her sit in my lap while I type this; I tried explaining to her I can’t type with her in my lap but, I don’t think she believes me.  I have made plans to send SoBe out to Ohio to be run by Chuck, that is if she doesn’t come into heat….keep your fingers crossed.