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The puppies get plenty of one on one playtime with Tim and I in the morning but, today they got to play with my little brother, Aaron.  All involved had a blast!  They got a shower this morning and were all squeaky clean for their romp session this morning. We also clipped their little claws too; they were turning into little hooks.  Aaron gave them a toy to mangle….there are little puncture wounds all over it with little tufts of stuffing peaking out….like I keep saying their teeth are needle sharp.  Also in the video is Mississippi playing with a pheasant wing; she is birdie, no doubt about it!  Beret was in a crate with Mighty and Kane and between the 3 of them they decided to relieve Beret of her collar…..another one bites the dust.  No matter what I do to try and prevent the destruction of collars they always seem to find some ingenious way of getting it off.  The only recognizable piece of her collar that was left was the rabies tag.  These three little buggers are definitely keeping Tim and I on our toes!  SoBe and Trixie are out with me as I type…my foot is falling asleep because Trixie is deciding that it needed to be kept warm with her butt.  The other adult dogs are outside romping in the snow; the weather is nice out so, I try and get them out as much as mother nature will let me.  Mini is pouting in a crate in the kitchen; she is in heat.  Tim wants to breed her again and I am toying with the idea of breeding her now or in the spring.  Well, time to start another day; I wonder what adventures it will bring.