The night was not as eventful as I anticipated…..Mighty had consumed 2 cups of frying oil off the stove.  Her tummy must be made out of steal because she made not a peep last night.  Tim headed off the work this morning but, not after letting Mighty, Kane, and BeretMississippi and Mint romp and scamper through the house; it is amazing what they can find in a matter of milliseconds; it always seems to be Tim’s wool socks.  Beret, Kane, Mighty, Mini, and SoBe were also out this morning to enjoy some personal time.  Mint and Mississippi are good sleepers in their crates and will sleep in if allowed to.  Mighty is beckoning me right now….hold on; she needs to go out. Wow, for all her complaining she was not to enthused to go out; cant blame her it is cold, the winter blast from the open door was enough to make my teeth chatter.  Mint and Mississippi got showers last night; Tim rinsed them off (after a couple of minutes of waiting for the hot water to make the venture upstairs).  We dried them off an snuggled them in their crate with a nice warm dry towel fresh from the dryer; what was left of the towel this morning is more to be desired.  Their needle sharp teeth can turn anything into swiss cheese; the victim now looks more like shag carpeting than a towel.  Well, off to start another day…I wonder what it will bring?