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Never a dull moment in our house…as you can see even when the puppies are in their crate they are active and vocal.  The noise level increases while they terrorize each other.  Today Mississippi and Mint played int he kitchen with intermittent breaks of sleeping and trips to the cold outdoors.  Potty training is going great!  Mighty got into some trouble today; she went into stealth mode ( impressive for her age) and jumped up onto the stove where a nice pot of frying oil was waiting for her to slurp down…..she was able to consume 2 cups before Tim realized that she was missing from his lap…..lets just say that she is grounded to her crate for the night.  I can only imagine how icky her tummy is going to be; as I type, she is sitting in her crate right next to the door, walking circles,  ready for quick evacuation to go out.  Tim is over being Mighty lounging in the clothes basket.upset now, and feels bad that she is going to have an unpleasant experience soon….poor baby.  The dogs spent most of the day in the house with us; we rotate them from their room co everyone gets plenty of attention.  I am still finding pieces of stuffing through out the house from their Christmas presents….the one day that we let them destroy stuffed toys….it looks like a cotton ball exploded but, they have a great time doing it!