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Who says that you have to spend a lot on puppy toys?  These little girls seem to find everything and anything that they can get into their mouths( they are banging around in my kitchen as we speak; I think they have the dust pan now….); we had to totally puppy proof our house this go around! I have to say that this litter is spoiled rotten; with there only being 2 of them they go everywhere with us and are out tormenting my house all the time.  It is easier to watch 2 than 15…that is for sure.  Tim takes them with him to work and they get so much attention along with their potty training (it is going great; cold weather is a wonderful motivator for them to hurry up and go).  The snow is still falling here in Cyrus…..has been for the last 3 days; my fence keeps getting shorter and shorter as the snow keeps getting higher and higher!