The puppies are all nice and warm on their nest most of the day.  Trixie cuddles with them and tries to let them nurse; she looks up with big sad eyes at us when we tell her, “they are not yours.”  Kahlua spent most of her time with Tim and I today following us around the house; she is letting the whelping box and Trixie babysit more.  I have Julep snuggled on my chest right now; she is fast asleep…no wait…she is dreaming away now….twitching and yipping.  Both girls are very talkative.  Trixie and Kahlua got their paws trimmed and Ace went out with Tim hunting.  Mighty is as we speak cuddled in Tim’s lap…the “pretty pretty princess” as Tim calls her.  Kahlua has once again earned her pro card in counter surfing.  I took a butter wrapped not once but twice away from her….Tim just laughed…..he could of helped.  Tim just scooped up Julep and snuggled her in with Mississippi; it is now time for bed.  Mini, SoBe, Trixie, Tyrael, and Kahlua will join us.  Good night all….don’t let the bed bugs bite!