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Kahlua had an emergency C section and lost 5 out of 7 puppies; it was heart breaking for Tim and I.  I brought my little angels home snuggled in the warming box and Tim took them out kissed, snuggled, and buried them with the rest of our lost angels. We cried together and where thankful that Kahlua had two very healthy puppies that made it; 2 females.  Trixie trying to nurse Kahlua's puppies; fall 2009After some convincing by Tim, I am writing now….I wanted to make sure that they were healthy; I did not want to jinx anything.  The puppies have their eyes open and are now scooting around in their whelping box.  Tim made me a new one with a whelping nest built right in; that is a warming “plate”/ disk that stays at a constant Mighty and SoBe; fall 2009temperature and can sense if they puppies are cold or not and will turn on or off.  Actually, all my older dogs love it and we find them snuggled in with the puppies on it all toasty.  Trixie did not have any puppies but, she thinks that once again Kahlua’s are hers….that is what the picture is about.  There is so much activity going onTim and Kane hanging out playing computer; fall 2009 in the house it is hard to tell up from down right now.  Mighty, Kane, and Beret are growing soooo fast, they are almost the size of Mini!Beret

Dirty puppy.....time for a bath