The field trial went well….Mini did ok; she barked on a long retreive ( it was an 85-90 yard retrieve, across course).  She made it through the 2nd series.  SoBe had a great trial going through the 1st and the 2nd series.  The judge sent me on a retrieve that was about 150 yards over a hill.  SoBeworked hard for 5 minutes until he let me walk up the hill onto the other course.  He had me pull her because she was covered in blood from a tongue wound and she was overheating.  She gave me a 110% and she did not want to give up….but I dont htink the bird went down….so, it is hard to retrieve a bird that is not there.  Miata took 2nd place in the puppy; she did great!  She had a trap and a flier pigeon.  She ran the course fast and with animation.  What dog!  Tim stayed home with the others and is building Kahlua a whelping nest for her upcoming litter; she is still waddling around the house.  Tim said that she woke him up about 4 different times to go out the the bathroom from 3am-7am (he never got back to sleep after I left @3am for the trial).  The poochies that stayed at home spent the entire time out with Tim; they got lots of attention and love!  I have to say that I am very proud that my girls gave me the effort they did out in the field; you can not train that kind of drive and dedication!