Tim has affectionately named Beret (female) and Kane (male) Yick and Yack.  They are the two puppies that we kept out of Mini and Amos.  They are having a great time with Mighty who is only 3 weeks older them ( she is from Chuck Nelson’s Jake and Chance).  I have to say that there is not a silent moment in our house; here I was worried about having empty nest syndrome when Mini’s puppies left….yeah right…. The puppies do their pigeon retrieves in the morning before I go to school at 6:30am; yes, they are awake and rearing to go.  I have started the quartering process with Mighty in the field; she is doing great…she is a fast learner.  Kane and Beret go out to the field and we are introducing them to quartering; they are still a little small to make it through the grass right now; they try so hard and make it but, I have to say it is more comical than training at this moment in time.  Give Yick and Yack a couple more weeks and they will give Mighty a run for her money!  I am still amazed at how our family has grown these last months; we have added 3 new “children” and I have to say that Tim and I are still sane!  My bird bill is going to be astronomical soon with running 3 all age dogs and 3 puppies!  Nothing better in life than to train and run your dogs….I promise!